Miscellaneous Features
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Jodi Picoult/Leaving Time (American Way, 2014)
NJ Wine Industry (Inside Jersey, 2014)
Little Free Library (Inside Jersey, 2014)J
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Team Building via Cooking (Star-Ledger, 2009) 
Moth Storytelling (Creative Living, 2009)                    Nate Berkus Designs (Redbook, 2009)  
Volunteer Vacations (Creative Living, 2008)
Active Adult Communities (Star-Ledger, 2007)
Lifelong Friendships (NYC Plus, 2006)      


Health and Wellness
Managing Migraines (Vicinity, 2013)
Breaking Bad Habits (Vicinity, 2012-2013)  
Healthy Bones (Vicinity, 2012)
Fitness Trends (Suburban Essex Magazine, 2012)
Eye Health (Vicinity, 2012) 
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital (American Way, 2012)
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Breast Cancer in Younger Women (Vicinity, 2011)
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Safe Travel Abroad (Suburban Essex Magazine, 2011)
Internet Health (Vicinity, 2011)
Women and Heart Disease (Suburban Essex Magazine, 2011)
Healing Power of Plants (Vicinity, 2010)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Film/Entertainment (also see Profiles)
Dr. Jane Aronson/Worldwide Orphans Foundation (Lifestyles, 2011)
Paul Haggis/Artists for Peace and Justice (Lifestyles, 2011)                                                                                                                                                                                Lisa Nigro (Lifestyles, 2010)
Home for Homeless Veterans (New Jersey Monthly, 2010)        
Blake Mycoskie/TOMS Shoes (Lifestyles, 2009)
Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation (Union County Voice, 2005)
Habitat for Humanity (Imagine, Spring 2005)
The Community FoodBank of New Jersey (Union County Voice, 2004) 
Newark Women Build (Shelterforce, Nov/Dec 2004)  
ZADY Slow Fashion (Lifestyles, 2014)
Summer Rayne Oakes (Lifestyles, 2013)
Wes Jackson (Lifestyles, 2011)
Hunter Lovins/Natural Capitalism Solutions (Lifestyles, 2010)
Tom Szaky/Terra-Cycle (Lifestyles, 2009)
Going "Green in New Jersey (Silk Purse Women, 2008)
Environmental Media Association (Moving Pictures, 2007)